“You want to run what’s fast. And the people who
are winning, are winning with Legend’s oil.”



“These oils are made from the highest quality base stocks with custom blended additive packages developed specifically to deliver uncompromised performance in the extreme conditions snowmobile engines are exposed to.”


“Frankly, we were surprised at how much cleaner the assemblies were with the Legend oil… Legend’s ZX-2SR oil kept our exhaust valves cleaner than the oil recommended by Polaris. And we bet it will keep your two-stroke engine’s valves cleaner, too.”


Mark Hoffman, Owner

Hoffman Performance

A snowmobile publication asked me to evaluate Legend ZX-2R 2-cycle oil. I was admittedly skeptical since I have experimented with quite a few oils over the past couple decades… Over the past two and a half years, we have tested ZX-2R in everything from weed eaters to chainsaws to our motocross bikes and sleds. We have experienced exactly what you claim about this product:

  • Easier starting.
  • Low to no smoke.
  • Crisper throttle response.
  • More stable idle and an RPM increase @ idle in many cases.
  • No loss of ring seal or blow-by – many teardowns & inspections.
  • Extremely low to no wear on internal parts.
  • Oil attached to ‘everything’ even under catastrophic conditions.
  • Exhaust system remains absolutely clean.
  • And yes, chicks do dig the smell!

Probably my most memorable moment was when I asked Mark, owner of Legend Performance, “Does this stuff really increase throttle response?” He said “Absolutely.” I shot back “Your full of shxx. Oil can’t do that.” How I dreaded that call the next Monday, when I had to eat my words. It’s nice knowing you can buy a product that is what it claims, without any B.S. attached.

Daniel A. Cedolia, Producer

Braaap Films

We at Braaap Films have been using and testing your oils for a full year now, and it is, by far, the best 2 stroke oil we have ever used. In the past, we used what we thought were the best lubricants, but at best still had regular maintenance issues – like pulling the power valves apart every 500 miles and cleaning them (not in our “things to do” anymore). Personally, I haven’t had to touch my power valves in the last 2 years; whereas before, without periodic cleaning, I would experience bogging and very poor throttle response.

Have heard many other stories from our riders, from Colorado to British Columbia, that confirm the ZX-2R and ZX-2SR-formula oils are way ahead of anything else that they’ve tried, and that’s from the biggest mod engines that are run at twelve to fourteen thousand feet, to the stock 800’s and 1000’s.

PS… we all love the smell.

Geoff Kyle, Professional Freerider

Braaap Films, Geoff Kyle’s Freeride

Thanks to Legend ZX-Series Extreme Motorsports Lubricants, I now have a more responsive, cleaner (smokeless) running sled. With ZX-2R and ZX-2SR, I have significantly more power than with any other oil I’ve used before and no smoke to pollute the remote areas I ride in. I have greater confidence in my engine operating in the extreme conditions I put it through. Long uphill climbs at high RPM places demands on my modified engine that other oils have not survived through. And I’ve tried them all! I like the fact that ZX-Series oils are mineral-based hybrids and not synthetics. My engines are internally clean with no wear and no blow-by.

I ride in extreme conditions at high altitudes accessible by only helicopter and serious-built specialty sleds. My survival up there demands on having equipment that is 100% reliable. That’s why I trust Legend oils for the protection I need. I won’t use anything else!

John Williams, Guiness Book Record Holder, Five Time World Champion

Motorcycle Hill Climbing Legend

After 4,000 hard miles and no rave valve maintenance, we checked the compression and it was spot on. It was a treat to drive these miles smokeless and odorless. My wife used to complain of headaches and odor with my previous synthetic oil. Thanks to Legend “Clean Burn Technology”, and your non-synthetic approach to blending oils, my wife is all smiles once again! After owning 38 snowmobiles and trying many brands of oil, your ZX-2R is the absolute best of the best!!

Emerson Stahl, Owner

Stahl Racing

The exceptional performance and reliability of ZX-2R/2SR oils has allowed us to become World champions!

We have set two official World Speed Records in the Improved Stock 1000 class in 1000 feet thanks to your ZX Series Extreme Motorsports Lubricants. We chased these records for several years and were very close, yet always came up short. Your President, Mark Zaic, assured us your oils would provide the edge needed to claim those sought after records. On 2/03/07, in McGregor Minnesota, Tia Van Guilder set a new Improved Stock World Record using Legend ZX-2SR racing oil with a top speed of 135.423 MPH. This is a one MPH improvement over her 2006 World Record using Legend ZX-2R! In our ultra competitive class, a one MPH gain is a breathtaking achievement!

We use your oils in all our 2-stroke engines and recommend it to anyone who wants to perform like a champion themselves! Thanks for helping us get into the record books…

Eric Glassman, President

Inov8x Enterprises

I know there’s a lot of hype and outlandish claims out there in the world of oil. Most have no validity and could never be proven. Many manufacturers make good oils but sometimes its tough to sort it all out. I’m not a chemist and I rarely promote products, but I can say I’ve driven enough miles on enough machines (with dozens of others who weren’t so lucky) to say that “something is different”. I’ve ridden too many machines well past where I’m told “its time to tear down”. Maybe I’ve had some luck. Maybe I’ve had some good engine designs. Maybe it’s all that and damn good oil!

Eric Wohg, Owner

Vohk Performance

I have always been leary of snake oil claims, having tested numerous two-stroke oils with lackluster results over the years. However, through extensive testing, the Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil proved its “mettle on the metal”.

We selected two 2007 Arctic Cat M1000 snowmobiles for testing. During the course of the season, we periodically disassembled and inspected engine components for wear, damage, etc… The following items were unique to the unit employing Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil:

  1. The Y-pipe was clean and dry (evidence of VERY complete burn)
  2. Significantly less piston ring blow-by
  3. Much cleaner power valves
  4. Any parts collecting the oil were extremely easy to clean
  5. Less cylinder and piston wear
  6. Generally cleaner combustion chamber

After these remarkable results, we deemed Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil worthy of use in several other non-experimental snowmobiles. In a pre-mix situation, it was revealed that there was less octane degradation and no separation (compared to a leading competitor). This coupled with the fact that Legend ZX-2SR two-stroke oil smells great, smokes less, mixes and pours easily, it was an obvious choice for our race team.

In conclusion, Legend ZX-2SR oil does what all two-stroke oils should do: It performs an excellent job as a lubricant and gets out of the way. It is a great product. I not only recommend it, but I use it with a passion.