Legend ZX-2SR is a high performance 2-cycle lubricant formulated for racing and other high RPM applications.

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    Legend ZX-2SR is a mineral based, 2-stroke, racing oil engineered for maximum power, minimal exhaust residue, and superior engine protection regardless of temperature or RPM. Due to the combustibility of mineral oils, Legend ZX-2SR avoids the cylinder glazing, poor piston ring seal, and blow-by caused by synthetics. But unlike other mineral oils, ZX-2SR is created from the finest “ashless” base stocks, which are further refined to a turbine-like level of purity. We then blend with our advanced nano-molecular additives to complete our Clean Burn Technology. The resulting hybrid chemistry leaves virtually no exhaust valve residue, while providing the ultimate protection against piston seizure, premature wear, power valve sticking, and corrosion.

    • Optimizes piston ring seal and eliminates “blow-by” for maximum performance.
    • Recommended for newer engines, racing, and other high performance applications.
    • Higher film strength for exceptional protection at all RPMs.
    • Designed for oil injection systems or pre-mix at a 50:1 ratio.
    • Eliminates plug fouling, carbon deposits, and ring sticking.
    • Maintains power valve cleanliness and free valve movement reducing maintenance intervals.
    • Dramatically improves idle quality and throttle response.
    • 100% smokeless, distinctive “Racing Castor” scent.
    • Tested to -54 degrees below zero (F).

    Recommended for racing applications, and for 2011 and newer engines which are designed to meet higher emission standards. Exceeds all manufacture warranty requirements for snowmobiles, watercraft, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles specifying a JASO FD, or ISO-L-EGD rated lubricant.

    Approved for engines 2011 and newer – including CFI, C-Tec 2, Direct Injection (E-Tec), and vehicles still under warranty requiring a JASO FD or ISO-L-EGD rated lubricant. For other engines, please use Legend ZX-2R.

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