Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between the ZX-2R and ZX-2SR oil?

Both ZX-2R and ZX-2SR use the same ultra-refined mineral base oils.  The additive package differentiates the two.

ZX-2R is designed for older engines (2010 and older) and RPMs below 10,000.  It is best suited for PWC, Marine, Air-Cooled and older water cooled engines requiring a TC-W3 or the newer TC API rating.

ZX-2SR is designed for extreme RPMs/temperatures, and is best suited for racing applications, and newer engines (2011 and newer) that receive less oil due to stricter emission standards. ZX-2SR should be used with Direct Injection – E-TEC, Polaris CFI, Cat C-TEC 2 and engines still under warranty that require a JASO FD rated lubricant. Technically, ZX-2SR can also be used in TC-W3 / TC applications where ZX-2R is normally used, but we recommend using the oil designed for those applications.

Will my warranty be voided by using Legend oil?

Absolutely not.

Legend ZX-2SR has the highest film strength of any oil independently tested.  It also meets/exceeds JASO FD criteria which is the highest current rating for any 2-cycle oil.  Manufacturers cannot deny a warranty claim while using ZX-2SR,  as it meets the latest JASO criteria.

Many dealers try to scare customers into using only their high priced OEM oils. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects both consumers and aftermarket manufacturers, by preventing OEMs from cornering the market during a machine’s warranty period. The law states, if an OEM requires the use of a certain oil to maintain warranty coverage, they must provide it at no charge.

Should I drain my oil tank before switching over?

Draining is optional for mineral-based and semi-synthetic oils. But if you’re currently running a full-synthetic oil, we do recommend draining out as much as possible before switching to Legend. Oil can be drained with a cheap hand siphon. A small amount at the bottom of the tank and in the oil lines is not of concern.

Will I see performance gains?

Over the years, we have received countless reports from both professional and recreational riders, regarding their impressive performance gains while using Legend oil. Perhaps the greatest testimony is our rapidly growing list of World Records set and Championships won.

Will my exhaust valves stay cleaner?

Absolutely. Our Clean Burn Technology keeps your power valves as clean as any synthetic. Our oil also is easier to remove than most synthetics that “bake” onto the exhaust valves. This is a major reason why the leading snowmobile publications and racers trust their engines to Legend.

What happens if I make the switch after using a synthetic oil since new?

First, a discontinuation of the build up of unburned synthetic oil on the cylinder walls / piston rings.   Eventually, a gain in compression will be noticed along with a more responsive throttle due to the readily combustible nature of ZX-2R/2SR.

Can I use Legend oil for break in?

Absolutely. It is common industry knowledge that your engine should be broken in with a mineral based oil, to “seat” your piston rings properly. But once break-in is established, continued use will prevent the glazing and “blow-by” caused by synthetics oils. Why undo the optimal ring seal you have achieved with a mineral-based oil?

Where can I purchase Legend oil if I don't have a dealer in my area?

While we encourage customers to purchase from our dealers, it may be less expensive to order direct from our site after accounting for the extra sales tax, time, and fuel while buying local. Also note you can save on shipping by buying cases in multiples of two, since two cases can ship in one box.

How do I become a Legend dealer?

Dealer qualification is based on geographic location, experience, commitment, and a minimum buy-in quantity of product. Please contact us for more information.